I know how you feel Phil

I know how you feel Phil

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More hot things to say during sex:

  • Young sensei
  • Crimson leaves, falling
  • She asked none of those questions
  • It looks just like the picture!
  • If you are feeling ill please let a proctor know so they can DESTROY your test
  • I am lucky
  • See the Grand Canyon
  • Complaining about the Harry Potter fandom
  • Mention of Clueless
  • human free will
  • A dolphin’s not on a leash
  • How many women speak Chinese?
  • Woof

psat summary

you see the grand canyon but you don't SEE the Grand Canyon
you cant use a leash on a dolphin
cursive comes back to haunt you in the end
they talked shit to the HP fandom and mentioned clueless
we aren't supposed to talk about it but here we are


14. This space is intentionally blank

She could not attend because she had a piano recital simultaneously at the same time
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i want someone to look at me the way garcia lopez de cardena looked at the grand canyon

baby: d-d-d-d
father: say dada! say dada!
baby: dada!
father: i will not praise you because that is behavioral conditioning and undermines your free will


what I learned from PSAT:

  • bedazzle your opponent


*walks into starbucks* lemme get uh spaghetti bolognese macchiato

"sir we don’t serve that"

don’t bullshit me i saw the secret menu on instagram

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"Enough of that!"

someone made the gifset!

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